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Around the world, more and more brands and agencies are turning to digital audio when it comes to connecting with consumers and getting their message across. In fact, more budget is being spent on digital audio advertising than ever before, and this is only expected to increase.
Millennials and Gen-Z are two generations that today’s brands need to reach in order to survive, and one of the best ways of doing this is through audio channels, such as online music streaming, podcasts, smart speakers and radio. The wide range of options in digital audio makes it possible for advertisers and agencies to tap into a range of creative opportunities and really catapult their brands into the minds and hearts of consumers through audio.


Consumers are tired of obnoxious advertising and crowded screens so they naturally filter out the clutter. But, there’s still content that they’re actively seeking and engaging with: digital audio.

Much like streaming sites, digital audio gives the listener the choice of what, when, where and how.  They deliberately tune-in to their favourite shows and podcasts, fully absorbed, ready to form a connection with your brand. They love streaming their favourite songs and playlists online, and hardly ever skip past the adverts. 

With less competition, digital audio automatically differentiates your product or service and allows you to tell authentic stories because you already have your consumers’ attention. Only their ears are occupied, so their hands and eyes are free to engage in real-time, enabling instant calls to action.

Awake Online offers pioneering analytics that empower you to assess the effectiveness of your ROI at a glance. Easily measure how many listeners are converted to buyers and simplify decision-making with our centralised dashboard that performs marketing tasks in one place.


Did you know that Local Audio Growth in South Africa has increased 50% year-on-year since 2017? Podcasts are a large part of the online audio consumed in South Africa today, and they are gaining popularity on a daily basis. Here’s why they continue to form part of our lives:

  • People talk and word of mouth is a key influence channel for listeners
  • Most South African listeners listen to a Podcast within 24-hours of downloading it because they perceive it to be of high value
  • 16 million: Current  addressable market  for podcasting in SA
  • Google and social media search bars are primary sources of podcast-related information
  • 80% of South Africans listen to  the majority of a podcast, this provides an opportunity for brands to engage meaningfully
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