The Science Behind Digital Audio

Written by on May 21, 2016

You might have heard of digital audio before, or maybe not. What exactly is it? Well, digital audio is a representation of sound that has been recorded in, or converted into, a digital format for consumption. In a world where we are flooded with visuals on a daily basis, digital audio in the form of music, radio, podcasts and more are filtering through the visual clutter.

Today, we’ll find digital audio systems all around us, built into our car stereos, computers, mobile phones, and toys. They are also in professional music systems used in music recording studios and performance venues. There are many advantages to using digital audio in terms of reliability, storage space and sound quality, as well as other significant benefits that sound can be delivered through portability, online music catalogs and mobile (wireless) data access. Much like streaming sites, digital audio gives listeners the choice of what, when, where and how then choose to listen in.  They deliberately tune-in to their favourite shows and podcasts, fully absorbed, ready to form a connection.

Today, people are consuming more audio than ever before. Whether it’s Spotify or Apple Music, radio stations or their favourite podcasts, there’s always something to listen to and many ways to do it. During the COVID-19 lockdown, we also saw fewer people out and about to see any billboards and more people are now working from home. There were also a number of people who took some time away from social media for mental health reasons. However, digital audio was one thing that consumers continued enjoying, be it for educational purposes or entertainment. This shows no sign of slowing down!

With nearly every South African owning at least one smartphone, access to streaming services and radio is easily accessible. Commutes to work are made more enjoyable when listening to your favourite tunes or a podcast. Gym is that much better when you’re blasting those motivating jams to get you in the zone. Whatever the occasion, there’s a digital audio solution.

At Awake Online, we are all about digital audio and understand how powerful it is for brands. As leaders of South Africa’s digital audio advertising sector, we can’t wait to see digital audio continue to grow from strength to strength, and see more brands harnessing its power!

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