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Massiv Metro, a ‘positive vibes’ urban radio station that delivers authentic content and music to the commuter market in Johannesburg.  Real and in touch with conversations that resonate with the people.

R1Wradio – Radio for The First World, providing fresh content and music delivered with a thought-provoking culture which is specifically aimed at a particular identified mindset.

Vison View Sports Radio, a platform for everyone to get their daily dose of all things sport, from news updates to insightful feature segments and interviews with the most legendary sports stars.

The Eye, radio you can see. Specialising in innovations in broadcasting, content strategy and platform development, where people aren’t catching you on the way home in traffic, they are actively seeking your content and engaging.

Soccer Laduma, providing breaking news, interviews and analysis on local and international football complemented by user-generated content constantly feeding off each other to create a 24-hour hub of interaction.

Radio BOP – Beats of Pleasure –  The station with a mind of its own. Combining entertainment shows, news reports with weather and traffic updates, talk shows on current affairs with a dash of nostalgia where it plays the best urban music hits from the 60s onwards.

Mutha FM, a global music media lifestyle platform that cuts through the hierarchy and brings live artists online right to your device’s front door. Combining extracts from music environments to generate gateways that offer experiences for today’s online society.

CAPS Radio, playing the vital role of facilitating communication in the education sector. The company is a specialist in education and has dedicated all its programming towards education and the basic education sector is a priority.

Caxton Radio hosts a variety of entertaining and informative shows talking about sport, business, current affairs, community success stories, local profiles, finances, motoring and more.

The is the business radio station that hosts discussions on marketing, retail, business, trends and technology in order to grow Africa into the economic powerhouse that it’s destined to be!

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